Monday, July 6, 2015

shelf life #2

This zine is about used books and going to booksales.  It was written by a book-loving, book-sale-loving couple who live in the United States on the East Coast.  I enjoyed the book reviews.  For example, I learned about a book by Buckminster Fuller that I'd like to try tracking down.  Another thing I liked was the description of a closed bookstore that one of the zine's authors visited in his youth and how he has idealized it.  I could relate to that Lost Beautiful Location phenomenon.

As someone who loves used books, I expected to enjoy this zine more than I did.  Its concept is fantastic.  (I'd actually seen it on etsy and longed for it but didn't want to pay the price.)  An inflated writing style got in the way of my pleasure, and the authors seem strangely out of touch with their own privilege.  One of the things I usually enjoy about zines is a down-to-earth-ness and some political awareness.  This one is more book-like than zine-like, though it's zine-like in length and includes some pictures.

This would be a great zine for lovers of used books who don't mind some pretentiousness and a sense of entitlement.  I could see it making a good gift for a non-DIY, apolitical book-loving friend or relative.  In a way it reminds me of Katie Haegele's excellent work about thrift store shopping--different style but sort of similar content.

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