Saturday, June 20, 2015

ginger binge

This is a zine of reviews of ginger ale.  There's also an intro, some history, cocktail recipes, and a list of recommended reading.  I found the writing style advert-like at times.  Certain sentences stuck out to me as sounding like they were from a commercial.

So some of the writing rubbed me the wrong way.  But I love the idea of this zine, and it did make me thirsty.  The drawings of the bottles and cans of ginger ale are adorable and full of personality.  Ming and I really wanted some ginger ale, after reading this zine.  So we bought some Reed's and enjoyed it.

Ginger Binge is a neat product, more like a little booklet than a cut-and-paste zine.  It would make a great gift to anyone who likes ginger ale or soda fans generally.

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