Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gupter Puncher #16

This is a zine from Hong Kong.  It's good and made me uncomfortable.  I didn't like the violence, but I liked the video game nostalgia.  I initially flipped through it and felt worried about all the words--there are pictures too, for sure, but lots of words.  But they go down easily. 

I missed a lot of the pop culture references, but I got a lot of them too.

I like the tone and humor and readability.  But these people would never in a million years be friends with me.

Overall it's very unbalanced--almost entirely boy--but fun to read and super well done.  It totally does what it sets out to do.  Its project is kind of strange.

I liked the intro and I liked the first piece best about being a Mega Man.  I had never read anything quite like it. 

So if you have video game nostalgia and are probably a guy in your late 30s, this may be the perfect zine for you. 


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