Friday, March 1, 2013

The Life and Death of Mr. Burger

The Life and Death of Mr. Burger is a comic by Derek Baxter.  It's about a burger-person whose life spirals out of control.  I didn't like the potty jokes or prison rape jokes or setting cats on fire.  But I did like when the burger tied a girl on the train tracks while dressed as an old-timey villain.  I did like when the burger says, "Come back, dragon..." and you see the tail of a dragon in his imagination, and then there's an inset panel showing what's really happening, which is that he's sitting on the street with a hypodermic needle in his arm next to a trashcan and a cardboard sign saying, "Will do anything 4 $." 

I expressed interest in this comic based on its cover.  I like the idea of a burger-person whose life is out of control.  I like the charming drawing style.  But again, much like La Poubelle, I am not really the intended audience for this zine.  Most of the jokes were not funny to me, though this would be a really great zine for the right person.  And like I said in the review for La Poubelle, I will pass this along to my comics-loving neighbors who work at a comic book store and probably have much broader comics tastes than my narrow ones.

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