Friday, September 23, 2011

Here. In My Head. 9

This perzine by Cath Elms out of Wales is quarter size, but there's a lot to read here. She covers the internet and how social networking changes us, some anti-feminist cliches and her response to them, how leaving university feels, and some goddesses. There are lists as well. I came away from this zine feeling supported and good. I like the intro--many intros are throw-away, but this one gave me a sense of the speaker as a person, and I like the person. A couple times Cath mentions events that are too personal to discuss in the zine. I would love to see the zine that the super-personal stuff makes it into, if there is such a zine. Probably I wouldn't be invited, but super-personal stuff is my favorite. Months ago I read and enjoyed a previous issue of Here. In My Head. So I can recommend this zine as a series. I look forward to seeing more from Cath.

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